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Marketplace World of Mechanic
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Marketplace "World of Mechanics"

An e-commerce platform built for the development of trade communications. The site unites suppliers and buyers in the information and communication space, whose activities are related to the maintenance and repair of equipment, tools, vehicles and agricultural machinery and allows each participant to centrally manage their sales and orders.

Suppliers on the Marketplace can be legal entities or individual entrepreneurs who have entered into an agreement and paid for the period of use.

As regards the search for goods and price offers, the Marketplace includes two main functional modes (two parts): an open mode intended for viewing, selecting and generating orders at retail or special (for promotions) prices, and a closed mode, in which users are given access to product offers at wholesale prices.

Access to the closed part is limited and is provided to wholesale suppliers or manufacturers of goods.

Individuals have the opportunity to place their product offers in the "Announcements" section. Access to view this section is not restricted.

You get an additional sales channel via the Internet

Calls and requests from target buyers

Online store and a convenient multifunctional personal account for management.

You decide what to sell and at what prices

Help of a personal manager in loading commodity items

Storage of goods in your warehouse, implementation on your behalf, payment to your account

Flexible rate system

Technical support

All categories have convenient catalogs and filters that simplify the choice and allow you not to waste your time on lengthy searches.

Selection of goods by parameters, selection of an analogue for replacement

Search for products, both throughout the site and in the store of a specific supplier

Automatic generation of orders in the basket by suppliers

In one order, you can combine both products from different categories and products that are sold in bulk and by the piece.

Suppliers - manufacturers, trademark (brand) owners and suppliers who place products received through guaranteed distribution channels - are highlighted with a special feature: "Official supplier".