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2020-12-25 11:51:34

The Mir Mekhanika marketplace is an e-commerce platform created for the development of trade communications. It unites business owners in the field of production and sale of bearing products, industrial transmissions and industrial equipment into a single information and communication space and allows each participant to centrally manage their sales and orders.

Mir Mekhanika is a product of Autoshtamp LLC, which was established in February 1991 by a group of design engineers working at the Saratov Bearing Plant (GPZ-3).

One of the main tasks of Avtotamp was to preserve the technical knowledge accumulated in the Soviet era in the field of bearing production, monitoring changes in the market of bearing products and accumulating information on manufacturers, suppliers and sales markets.

In 2001, Autoshtamp patented the first information and reference system "Bearing-Info", which allowed companies selling bearings to expand sales markets, and made it easier for buyers to find the right product. In the future, the system was improved and modernized.

In 2009, Autoshtamp patented a modular information and reference system "Mechanic-Info", which included catalogs of suppliers and products, a block on applicability, as well as an information block containing technical information on bearing and other products.

Today, the Mechanic-Info system allows suppliers and buyers to receive daily updated offers for the sale and purchase of bearing products, industrial transmissions and RTI for industrial purposes; reference information about companies actively operating in the markets of Russia and CIS countries; catalogs of manufacturers of bearing products, including technical specifications and sketches, applicability, links to catalogues of manufacturers on their websites, standards for industrial transmissions and RTI.

Currently, Autoshtamp has completed work on the creation of a cloud version of Mechanic-Info, the World of Mechanics trading platform. The new software product – marketplace - contains a set of tools, the use of which allows business owners to significantly reduce the time to search for high-quality goods, new suppliers and /or buyers, as well as reduce the period of conclusion and execution of trade transactions and conduct business only with reliable and conscientious partners.

Registration as a user of the Mir Mekhanika Trading Platform allows suppliers and buyers to manage their own sales and purchases, interact with other users through a system of services. Functionally, the platform is divided into two parts: open, access to which is intended for buyers, including individuals, and closed, where interaction of wholesalers and / or buyers, as well as large corporate clients is provided.

The Mir Mekhanika trading platform is a reliable and effective modern business development tool.